Rewards earning are slowing down

I have installed the browser more than 30 days ago, in first days of use the earnings were very quick, i had 8 ads and got 4 bats, now i have watched 27ads not even close to 3 bats although the most of the ads i see are the same as the ones i got first days of use.

So kindly explain the process.

That’s seems very strange for me, I used the Brave browser for more than 30 days as well and I never got so much bats. The later one seems more likely as 4 Bats are almost 1 Dollar … and you can have up to 5 ads an hour … so to earn 1 Dollar every 2 hour seems a bit heavy to me. Perhaps it was a bug back then?

Another possible explanation for that could also be that you get paid a certain value (measured in dollar) in bats. As you now bat is a crypto currency, so what one bat might not have the same value today as it has tomorrow. So it would be interesting to know, if you earn for every bat say 0.02$ in Bat or 0.08 Bat . It seems quite unlikely though that this is the reason in this case as the value of Bat has not changed that much in 30 days as far as I know.

@Jay91 earning from ads is different for each ads. Depends on how the advertiser set their campaign.

@eljuno Still 0.5 Bat for one ad seems a little bit much compared to the usual 0.1 Bat you get. Can the difference be that huge?

Ok, this is why i mentioned this:

Sounds convincing for me @leon0402

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