No conservative site showing up in Brave Browser

When searching for news in Brave Browser I am getting all Liberal websites like CNN and MSNBC. I am not seeing any conservative websites.

Do a search for Title 42. You will see all liberal media results like CNN (multiple times), MSBC, NBC, NPR and one and on with Zero Conservative results like Fox news.

I have been noticing this more and more. I’m not sure what’s going on, but if this keeps up, I’m uninstalling Brave. at least with Chrome you know where they stand.

@Mrwisdom12 You really should search before posting. Also try using help articles on features you use. For example:

If you went to Helpful Answers which appears at the bottom of Brave Search’s main page, you’d see:

If you tried to search here on Community, you’d find old topics and conversations, such as:


When you do a Search, you also would see Goggles as an option. Click on it after doing a search for Title 42 and you’d see:

Guess what happens if you choose News from the Right?

While links were given in the thread about Results seem politically skewed, it’s important you make sure to also read those will replies AND check out so you can understand how Brave Search gets its data.

Then also to make sure you check out things like and to know more of Goggles and how to rank information based on how you want.

Brave doesn’t manipulate anything. What you’re seeing is based on what people are accessing and what’s popular. Unlike other search engines though, Brave is giving Users control of what to see. You just have to use it.

Ok, so Goggles is in Beta, but I will check it out. I read your information (thanks for sending it) and I get that its not so straight forward to provide relevant search results as a non techie would think. What I don’t understand is why the results are 100 skewed to liberal news media. All of them. I have done other searches and while there are a few right leaning results there are very few. Unless I actually search for something and add a right leaning agency to the end of it.

I do believe you guys are not biased, I just don’t understand why the results are SOOO skewed.
I may just have to accept it the way it is.

It’s entirely possible that whatever you’re searching was more aggressively covered by sites that lean left, and relatively less by sites which lean right. Alternatively, it’s possible that sites covering a particular topic from a left-leaning perspective might have better SEO (search engine optimization), making their sites easier to index. All that said, Goggles should definitely be able to assist with this scenario; you can define which sites you’d like to exclude (or include), and remove unwanted noise from results :slightly_smiling_face:

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