Censoring Conservative Sites in News Search Results (TheBlaze & Breitbart)

Brave is no different than Google with its news censorship currently based on what I am seeing.

No news articles from TheBlaze.com or Breitbart.com are showing up in news search results.

You can see what queries I used below to test Brave news search.

Query: theblaze in news search:

Query: Breitbart.com in news search:

Query: “Albanian Human Traffickers Using Open Borders Ireland to Ship Illegals into Britain – Claim” in news search (I copied and pasted a news article title from Breitbart):

Query: realclearpolitics.com (Not blocked – Control test) in news search:

P.S. I don’t even read Breitbart but I am pro free speech.


Never mind. I misread your comment.