What's the deal with Top Sites?

Why is there no information about creating Top Sites, and why do one’s I’ve even pinned disappear? I just clicked on one, and instead of opening the site, the icon just vanished! And I have no idea how to create any! They just pop up on the new tab themselves, via trial & error. I tried searching the Help page for something, anything on how to create them, or make sure they stay pinned, but found nothing.
I’m using the latest Brave with High Sierra, on an iMac

At the moment, Top Sites can’t be manually added – this function is on the way soon though!

You can track our progress on the New Tab Page here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/projects/19

OK, good to know. Perhaps it might be good to mention that in the help area, so we don’t get all frustrated, trying to figure out how to add sites. :wink:

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We definitely will, thanks for the suggestion!

I went to projects page, but am a bit confused, as I didn’t see anything speaking to creating our own top sites, but several comments mentioned being able to “drag & drop”, which I take to mean, creating a top site. But I’m also confused with the ones currently shown. What is the icon in-between the pin & the X do? I click on it, and one causes something to shift in the bookmarks bar, on another, it made the space clear, instead of dark, and on others, absolutely nothing happens.

I assumed that might allow us to edit the link, as I need to do with one of them. Plus, I can’t for the life of me, figure out how it selects sites, since there are two or three sites I use multiple times a day, yet they don’t show up as a top site, so I must manually input it every time! Why can’t it detect how often they’re used, and create them as top sites? Any idea when this feature may become a bit more workable?

We’re definitely working on the new tab page; there are some glitches at the moment! You can’t create your own top sites yet, as I mentioned before – we’re adding in this functionality, please bear with us :slight_smile: No firm ETA for when it will be available but we are definitely cranking away hard at numerous updates at the new tab page in general.

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