How to Add Sites to Topsites Page

I’m confused, when I first opened Brave, I saw a page with ten icons of my Topsites. However, now, each time I open a new tab, all that shows are smaller icons, and only four, and only two were of my ten previous ones! What’s going on, and how do I get them back, and new ones?

Topsites should be populated automatically – that is, they should populate on the NTP with your most visited sites. Additionally, if you want to keep any particular site on the NTP, you can “pin” it by clicking the thumbtack icon on the tile:

You mention “when you first opened brave” – by that do you mean when you first installed it? Or do you mean that as in “the first time today”?

I just meant that I hadn’t opened Brave for a month or two. Not sure why the topsites that were there disappeared. I still find even pinned sites sometimes no longer showing up! Why can’t we just add sites manually, like we can with every other browser (well, except that now Safari arbitrarily got rid of them completely)… It’s frustrating waiting & waiting until it deems we’ve used this or that site frequently enough. I don’t see if it can do that, it wouldn’t be even easier to leave it up to us, to create them. This is very frustrating, inputting the same urls over & over…

Plus, I’m finding that one or two of my pinned sites, will suddenly disappear! Why can’t this feature just work the way it’s supposed to?

I’ve just tried seeing if I could at least get Netflix to become one of the sites. I go there a lot already, and in fact, this may have been one, that was a pinned Topsite, but then vanished. So after watching for an hour, I closed it, then opened it up about TEN times in a row, and still it wouldn’t add it! What kind of screwed up thing is that?

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