Why do certain websites have "Brave cannot support our player"?

Whenever I go to certain anime streaming services (zoro.to, 4anime, 9anime) on the Brave app on my iPhone, a message pops up on the screen that states “Brave browser does not support our player. Please try with other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.” It was working fine three days ago (10/9/22) but suddenly appeared the next day.

I currently have Version 1.43 ( I saw somewhere that you can force update it, but I don’t know how to do that on iOS.

That’s what they do, especially when they have something against Brave like happened with Archive website some years ago and since Brave will most likely block their ads by default, they want to stop you from doing that.

The solution was pushed to Desktop and Android, and should have been there for days already, but probably on iOS can’t be done that easily because of the way Apple has restricted things there, since every browser has to use webkit so they can’t have the freedom you get in Android to have the same Chromium codebase for Desktop and Android.
iOS uses their own content blocking syntax, like what Google is doing with Manifestv3, where the browser is the one in charge of blocking, not the extensions anymore, so you have to ‘convert’ your syntaxes to the browser’s blocking syntax, which obviously are nothing special, so it seems developers have to find workarounds to bring more features and some features will not be there because of the restrictions.

You will have to wait for a fix or something that works in iOS, for example for Desktop they used ##+js(brave-fix) for zoro, for the others I don’t know what they did but it works too, but that was pushed days ago, so I guess it doesn’t apply to iOS.

Of course, I don’t know what iOS or Brave exactly supports or not, but reading about the 'content blocker’ from iOS dev documentation is clear like iOS only allows basic blocking, and I guess you can only wait for the fix for iOS, if there is any, by using another browser, because it will not work as long as you use Brave because of dirty web developers.

Try via this method

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