Risky adds on phone version

I’ve just tested the mobile (iOS) version of brave and it doesn’t perform nearly as well as the desktop version. I’ve tried streaming website like twitch.tv, soap2day and other sites and I still receive adds that open a new window or are invasive in a way. I’ll still use safari until I feel it’s safer on the phone brave brower, although I do appreciate all the other functions that are better on this browser.

@NorthernRiver Unfortunately, this is because Apple has a lot of limitations on what can be done. Brave is working on trying to find ways to improve Shields on iOS, but it’s just not easy because of those restrictions. Again though, they are working on finding workable solutions for it and hopefully we’ll see something better come along here in the future. One of those changes that should be coming “soon” will be adding filters. Unfortunately, they didn’t give a specific ETA for that and any time you hear people from Brave say “soon” you can take it like it’s some period within the next year, lol.

That said, I know there’s some big changes coming in the early part of 2023. So just hang tight and it should be coming.

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