Why cant i stream from my favourite video streamers?

When i was streaming anime on zoro.to this error occured and i have never seen it before while using brave . It states as follows " Brave browser does not support our player. Please try with other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. " . Brave is my favourite browser and i dont want to switch . Please help ;(

●Reproduction of the issue

  1. Go to zoro.to/home
  2. Select an anime
  3. Stream on vidstreaming server
  4. The error appears

●Expected result
I wish for this problem to be fixed as soon as possible. If its a version related problem please state the version needed to be downloaded in the answer :slight_smile:

●Brave Version

●Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy A03s

●Additional Information
This issue is consistent both while turning on and off the ad blocker so its an internal issue i guess.

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https://github.com/brave/adblock-lists/pull/984 will fix. Any other sites doing this. Let me know.

Hey sorry I’m new at this; what do I do with this link and where do I do it?

Nothing, its just referencing a fix. Give it a few hours and I’ll push the fix out.

Oh cool. Thanks for all the hard work, then. Very much appreciated

Force update in brave://components, Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1469

This will fix the Anti-Brave messages


thank you v much works now

It’s not working for me :frowning: I’m using 4anime (which is basically the same thing as zoro.to) and it says “Brave doesn’t support this browser”

Just have shields up, Ads/Trackers = Blocked/Aggressive. Force update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components Its work on other sites too.

Tested on https://9anime.vc/watch/fuuto-pi-17831?ep=93103

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How do I force an update on an iPhone?

Does this bug show on iphone? (I haven’t checked, just on the road atm)

Good afternoon! Yes it does, which is odd because it was working fine two days ago and it suddenly appeared last night.

Investigating, possibly a ios limitation currently.

Same problem on Windows 11:

Works fine on Ubuntu 22 though

Its fixed on the desktop (with shields up). So Linux, MacOS and Windows. iOS is different here, and will need a different fix. Just force an update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components

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