Add tracking and ads blocking feature to Brave browser app

Hello there. On your Brave browser for computers, there’s a feature under the Shields in the settings where you can set the “Trackers and ads blocking” to disabled, standard, and aggressive. I love that feature on the Computer Browser because I have it set to aggressive and it blocks everything. However, on the Brave app itself, there is no feature. Please add that feature in a future update because some of the websites I use, when I use them on the Brave browser for computers, they get blocked. However, on the Brave app, one or 2 seem to get by the adblocker. Not sure if that’s a glitch or not. But having that feature would be great on the Brave app!

I guess when you go to brave shields in the URL bar (Brave icon) → Advanced controls → Block ads and trackers → you get the three options.

If the ads still persist on android /iOS but not on windows, could you give some sites for example?

Brave already block ads and trackers in Desktop and Mobile.
Android has the exact same features as Desktop, so it should block the ads and trackers already just as Desktop version does.

If you are talking about iOS, the iOS version is more limited because browsers need to be a re-skin of Safari, and Safari’s adblocking capabilities are limited by Apple rules, it is like what Google is trying to do with manifestv3, where the browser is in charge of the adblocking, and the power was taken from extensions and all that.
So, the only way to fix that is if Apple allows Chromium browsers in iOS, so it will have the same features as Desktop and Android.
So iOS does its best to do what it does, it doesn’t mean it will be always perfect, but it is better than nothing.

If you see ads or something, then you need to report them in the Ad-blocking category and not making feature requests for something that already exists, but can’t be perfect or improved the same as Android because of Apple decisions.

Of course you don’t mention what OS you are talking about, I am just assuming is iOS because of its limitations.

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I do use some anime “websites” for free. On the Brave mobile app, there’s one website where the ads were always blocked but now, one pop up appears. The pop up appears once and no more but it’s still annoying though

Sorry for not mentioning it but I am on IOS. Also, it’s not a feature for the IOS which is why I’m requesting because it’s not on the IOS version

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