48 link clicks in the last couple days and not a single referral acquired?

I have had over 48 link clicks in the past few days and not a single referral has been acquired.

I was curious about this poor performance and had my friend sign up (download to his phone) which he did a couple hours ago and still have yet to see his referral appear.

I’m quite certain my referrals are not being counted from my post on my Facebook page at all.

And yes my referral stats last updated about 26 minutes ago which means my friends referral should be showing up by now but its not.


Hello? Anyone able to help me out? Can’t help but feel this is a pretty big issue, you know losing out on money and all?


Can you send me a DM with the email that you use to login to your Creator account so that I can take a look on my end?

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Sent you a msg a couple hours ago.


Can you check and see if your downloads are appearing in the graph/stats now?

I had over 100 link clicks and only 5 downloads… could you please simply tell me if theres a problem with my referral link? https://www.facebook.com/1628907217203970/posts/3499377426823597/

I’m worried the extra code Facebook ads may have glitched it… unless it looks fine to you?

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