Brave referral link not tracking

I have guided at least three people through the process of setting up brave on all their devices and social accounts using my referral link and still receiving no referral credit! Please help me to figure this out… I had a high-traffic website with the code for over a year until last month and wondered why it never showed anything there as well… Please help!

Hi @Monakoa - welcome to community! A referral is confirmed after 30 days of continuous use by the person that downloaded Brave.

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer as you get started with the referral system!

So after checking again, I believe it would show in my referral dashboard if those who used my referral link were being tracked under the “installs” and “30-day-use” section but this is not the case… It shows there as being “4 Downloads” this month but nothing else, and I have confirmed with these people that they have in fact installed and are using the browser on both mobile and desktop. Therefor i still don’t believe it to be working correctly, as earlier this year I had this same issue with multiple referrals as well. In which case, is Brave able to help me troubleshoot the issue and get credit for the referrals it hasn’t been attributing to me?

Just checking back in on this… Today is the 30 day mark and still nothing. Can someone please help me here?

@eljuno since you closed my other topic without answering my question… do you have any interest in helping me? You said to tag an admin but I have already done that and not getting any answers… Please help.

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