Why are my referrals not installed or download? this referrals are being paid later?

Hi , yesterday 2 users install brave using my referal link, but they didnt appear in “referral stats” section on brave creators, its appear all in 0 (installed and donwloaded).
my name is Nahuel Partacini, and im from Argetina,
I am aware of this problem, check it in another topic, the question is: if I keep inviting people, will I be paid for those ?

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Take a time to see the referals on graphic but, ask to them if they download a .exe with your Referal code ( its a good way to know if the download was succefully done).
if yor referal link was something like :

https://brave/jokkk0013 (or whatever)
they should push the Orange button and see a excel that says something like : instaler-jokkk0013 …

Sorry for my bad english, but was my best try.

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bueno, podemos hablar en español si lo preferis ajaja, si , lo comprobe ahora, aun falta uno, gracias por responder, crei que como dice" last uptdate x time ago " era mas rapido

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