Why am i not earning bat tokens for viewing ads?

i have recently got to know that brave doesnt support in my country INDIA. but today i can see that linking rewards wallet to zebpay has been enabled so can i earn bat tokens if i link zebpay verified account? please clarify the above points

Refer to this article

You mean that India is supported? Brave does support India, just through ZebPay.

This is correct. If you have chosen India as your Rewards country, you will be able to connect to ZebPay. Once this connection is made, you can start to earn BAT from viewing Brave’s ads. You can learn a bit more on the types of ads Brave shows you at What types of ads are there?

As I’m a resident of India. So how many Brave rewards wallet can be linked to a Zebpay account. I have brave installed in mobile and pc

Just going to quote myself from a different reply:

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