Requesting a new Brave Rewards partner for Indian users

Dear Team,

As an enthusiastic user of Brave browser in India, I’ve actively participated in the BAT token rewards program. However, I’ve encountered a significant issue with Zebpay deducting my BAT earnings due to the absence of trading activity on their platform, coupled with an additional 0.0001 BTC + GST (18%) charge. This deduction, which exceeds my earnings from Brave browser, renders the connection with Zebpay futile if my earnings fall below the monthly fee charge. I respectfully urge the consideration of new reward partners tailored to Indian users, providing a more equitable and rewarding experience. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Best regards, MR_ASK_Chay (Annam0304)

@Annam0304 it often is helpful for you and others if you try to spend time searching on topics first. For example, there was a discussion on this if you check things like:

But even leaving those aside, you also have:

Main points are:

  1. You only get charged if you sweep BAT to your account and leave it sitting there. Otherwise, no fee.

  2. On-Chain payments are in the works, so there can be other options.

This topic is a good point and if it works fine in my case there will be no use of custodial accounts, anyhow waiting for the feature to complete soon.

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