Why am I flagged for using browser as intended?

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I am flagged, and I have no clue who just reading news articles and posting on social media all day is suspicious behavior. No reason I should be flagged for any of this.

Windows 10

Also I never got my Oct payout. I am only showing the payouts from finally verifying my phone. My last desktop payout was Sept 8th. I have a feeling you flagged me for verifying my phone. If that’s the case then why have the feature if all it’s going to do it flag us, and we miss out on cred for the ads that continue to pop up?

I’m, guessing either you did something you didn’t realize, such as running a VPN to appear in a different area. Also, that October 15 is weird, as you shouldn’t be receiving that many payments from Brave at all, regardless of the size. So that’s definitely suspicious. Especially considering you’ve only ever had 1 payment at a time each month. Not sure what happened there.

Of course, there’s always the “crap happens” argument, where things don’t always work as intended.

Negative. That’s just a ridiculous thought, tbh. I know you might find the timing awkward and suspicious, but can guarantee that’s not it. (it flags based on the device, so if your desktop is flagged, has to be related to desktop. Nothing to do with your phone)

Umm, you didn’t ask what to do about it. Not sure if means you already know or if you just wasn’t thinking of actually asking for help and just wanted to complain?

That said, assuming you actually want to “appeal” it and see about getting the flag removed, you’ll want to create a Rewards Support Ticket

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If I verified the phone and it immediately sent me past payout and it did it 6 times in a row in one shot, then it would seem highly likely that is what caused the flag. Thank for the support ticket link. The link provided from the message stating I was flagged didn’t say anything about entering a ticket it says this, and that’s why I made a post. Made no sense why one would wait only to never know if anyone ever looked into it.

How do I get unflagged?

As we make changes and improve our automated flagging systems, some previously flagged Rewards profiles will be reevaluated to determine whether their flags can be removed. If you’ve been flagged, you can try again from time to time to see if the flag on your profile has been removed.

Thanks again. Hope this gets fix soon so I can continue getting credit for ads I receive.

I just received my payment for this month and it’s not correct. Never got last months, and now I got 0.2500 BAT worth when I was suppose to get 9.565 BAT

I really need someone to get this fix and get also get my acct unflagged please.
This is what I was suppose to get, and second pic shows what I got instead.

Are you running the latest Brave version?

Your only option is to open a support ticket to let the support team looking into your issue. No one here in the community can help you.

Yeah I’m up to date, and I put in a ticket. Just really disappointed and borderline angry because I know I did nothing wrong, and not only am I flagged, but I didn’t get my pay last month, and got geeked this month with pay again.
Anyway I’m going to be. Need to be up in a few to prep for the storm that’s aimed right for my town in Florida in about 24 hrs.

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Finally fixed, but I never got last month and this months payout

you will get it next payout

How do you know I will get last 2 pay and the upcoming one next month?

Because I got flagged before and I got the remaining bat the next payout

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Not sure who flagged that comment/post or why. But I will make sure to tell people, including you, to be careful of anything that doesn’t go through official channels. I’m not sure what the YouTube video showed, but hopefully it’s nothing against Terms.

In any case, if flag been removed and no issues, that’s good. I’d be kind of curious what changed, but if you do tell me, probably best in a DM. lol

I have DM Steeven, and I still have received no reply. I am owed two months of payout, and would like to hear back from someone looking into this.

@Sarys But did you create a support ticket? That’s the way to go, rather than sending a DM unless they ask you to DM them.

Yes sir I did both, and still waiting to hear from anyone.

And still waiting to hear from someone about my ticket.

@Sarys what is your ticket number?

Also, keep in mind it’s only been 3 business days since you posted (today being the 4th). Often takes 3-5 business days at a minimum unless you’re lucky. So while feels like a while, it’s still in realistic timeframe. If high demand, can be longer. Just hoping by getting the ticket number from you that they’ll see it here and might look it up if they have time.

I posted my ticket when I made this post. Got tired of waiting so I made another ticket 2 or 3 days ago. And I don’t know what the ticket number is. I didn’t notice there was one. I submit the ticket, and waited

@Sarys When you create a Rewards Support Ticket it sends an email confirmation to you and it includes a ticket number. If that’s missing, it might not have been properly submitted.

K didn’t know since I rarely open that email.
Here’s a ticket from Nov 7th = 163735
And here’s one from the 9th = 164178
I also had DM’d Steeven on the 7th or 8th I believe. Never heard back from him either.
Anyway , I need to head out for the day. Be back tomorrow.
Happy TG if I don’t hear back from y’all tomorrow.
~ Jo

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