Why am I flagged for using browser as intended?

don’t hope . As it is related to payment

@Sarys kk. Just so you know, all responses to tickets are through the email too, typically. So if thinking hadn’t heard, you might have needed to check Spam and all just to make sure they didn’t already respond.

In the meanwhile, I’ll tag @Mattches and @steeven just so they can see the ticket number(s). It doesn’t mean they will get to you any faster or anything, but at least so they know in case might be able to look into it.

I see that you did receive a response on Nov 9th stating that your issue was resolved and your wallet unflagged. Checking on my end, I also do not see any flag on the wallet ID you provided in your ticket.

Yes that flagging was only 1 part of my issue. The flagging was taken care of, but the problem I have right now is that I still haven’t received my payment for both months. This last payment was suppose to be 9.565 BAT, the month before I don’t have a screenshot so I don’t know how much it was for.

While flagged, it wouldn’t have gone. When they remove the flag, payments usually come in the following payout. So this means when they pay sends out around December 7, you should get it.

So I was flagged for 2-3 days. During that time payout when out, which means I won’t get this last one until next month? If this true then why didn’t I get the month before either?

@Saoiray is correct here — you should receive both October and November payments in December.

Cool but I am missing 2 months not just this last month. I didn’t get this last one we just had, and the one before it. All I’ve gotten since I finally decided to verified my phone has been 0.025 payout, but nothing for my desktop since I did that. I thought that’s probably what caused an issue. Which is why I asked someone to look into why I didn’t get the one that should have been paid on Oct 8th.

I didn’t get Oct 8th, and Nov 8th payouts. So Dec 8th if all were to be corrected I would have to receive 3 total payouts. Thanks
~ Jo

Okay here is the situation — It looks like you were flagged early October, which means you likely missed your September payout (which would have been paid out in October). So then you went October without earning (due to being flagged) and then submitted your issue to us earlier this month, wherein you were unflagged and resumed earning.

All that being said, no matter what, anything not paid out to you so far (for Sept, Oct, and November) will be paid out during the December payment.


Thanks for looking into it Mattches. I thought I was only flagged for a couple days. Guess I went a full month flagged without noticing it. I really do appreciate it. Gracias
~ Jo

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