Which desktop do I create sync chain from?

I want to sync my brave browser (bookmarks etc) from computer A to computer B.
Which computer do I create the new sync chain (get the 25 word code) and which do I paste to?. Confusing as I feel it’s A to B, but when I insert the chain to B it’s asking if I’m sure I want to share everything to A.

@mvpick when you sync, information is shared both ways. It’s not a one way flow. So when you put them on a sync chain, it will have both A’s and B’s bookmarks all together on both A and B.

When you first create a sync chain, it adds everything to each device. That way they are on equal terms.

Then from that point on, anything you add or remove will be added or removed from all synced devices.

Saoiray, thank you for your prompt and very clear response.

As I wanted A to be the default for going forward, I cleared B of all previous bookmarks.
Worked like a charm, so thanks again!

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