Syncing bookmarks problem

How can I start a new sync line with the windows desktop version of brave.
I have an existing sync chain but I would like to start a complete new sync line.
Actually I have the options to “display the sync code” or to “add a new device”. Below I have the option to leave the chain, but when I try this nothing happens.
So the question is: How to discard the current sync settings and set up a new sync chain?

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No ideas?
Is setting up a new sync chain not possible with the windows version?
Or do I have to initiate a new sync chain from my Android device?
Please help me at this point. I actually really have no idea how to set up a new chain.

For any device on the chain, go to Settings --> Sync and select Leave Sync Chain. Do this for your Windows PC as well.

Now, on your Windows machine, go to Settings --> Sync --> Start using Sync. This will create a new Sync chain, and any subsequent machines added to the device will Sync with the data on your Windows machine.

Thank you for your reply.
Next question: Can I add all types of Brave browser to the sync chain?
I mean: Can I add the Beta, the Regular and the Nightly Build installed on a device to the same sync chain?

This strategy does not work. If I press “leave sync chain” then a window pops up and tells you that if you have to set up a new code to rejoin the sync chain".
BUT - after clickung ok the sync chain persists. Thats the problem. I have now on all Android devices an empty chain, but on the windows browsers the sync chains list all the Android devices.
BTW: Can I have all types of Brave within the sync chain? Regular, Beta AND Nightly?
=> All in all it would be best to have a “start a new chain button available”.
At the moment I am running a sync chain WITHOUT the desktop and 4 smartphones. It’s a pity that I cannot to get the desktop browser to work in the chain.
Installing Brave over an existing installed copy do not solve the problem cause the settings are retained.

Another question: Has the desktop computer to be the first device in the sync chain or can I join an existing sync chain with my desktop?


This shouldn’t matter as far as I know.

Yes, I don’t think there should be any issue with this as long as you add the appropriate sync code to each installation it should work just fine.

Apologies but I’m confused, you’re saying that if you go to Settings --> Sync --> Leave Sync chain and click OK in the confirmation window, the Desktop device on the chain is still showing other devices? Would it be possible for you to share a short screen recording of you performing those actions so I can get a better idea of what’s happening on your end?

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First and foremost a big thanks for your help.
Yes, i pressed “leave sync chain”, but the desktop didn’t leave the chain.
Meanwhile I solved the issue. I have uninstalled Brave with the option “erase all browser data” and after a reboot I installed Brave again. Now the complete sync chain works, but I only have connected the devices via Brave. Also installed versions Beta and Nightly are running beneath the sync chain (= stand-alone ).

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Great work – I’m glad you got it sorted out, even if we didn’t unearth the direct cause for the issue. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out to us if you see this behavior again.