Simple way to sync Brave on two computers

I have tried many times but have yet been able to sync Brave on two computers. Please explain simple how it is done, Your instructions make no sense. How can you copy the code from one computer and paste in another at another location.?

Maybe Brave needs to redesign sync so more people can use it.

Open up a sync chain on one computer (settings -> sync). Use the chain code on the other one. Works fine for me.

Sounds good, but you have to email the code so you can use it on the other computer and then I don’t get the button to paste the code in.

I finally got it working, I had to go the Leave Sync Chain and then I was able to add the code from the other computer. Looks like it working. :slight_smile:

… but I can’t sync to my phone. very frustrating. Won’t let me paste in the code that I used on my other three computers.

Finally got Brave to sync on phone but only part of the bookmarks showed up. I hope Brave sync improves in the next version.

That’s strange. I have no problems at all. iOS oder Android? (Is there Brave for iOS? idk).

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