Where do i entert the 24 words to sync to another computer

I cannot find “brave sync” to enter the 24-word code from my other computer.
I have seen many posts on this subject with no useable answer for me.

I am syncing two desktop computers NOT a mobile device.

??, Just enter it in sync sub-section in settings. It will ask for those phrases and input them.

If you would tell me where the “SYNC SUB-SECTION” is I would greatly appreciate it.
I can simply not find a place t enter the words.

On the device you’re adding to an existing Sync chain, go to Menu --> Sync, then click I have a Sync Code:

There is no box saying “I have a Sync Code”
Here is what I have.

I think you may sightly confused with the way brave sync works.

If you have device A and B. Start a sync chain on device A. It will give you a 24 word phrase and sync will automatically start. Then go to device B, and it’s sync chain. It will ask whether you want to start a new chain or you already have one just like on device A. This time on device B, select ‘I have a sync code’ and input those 24 words.

The photos you have shown are of the same device. It shows that you already have started a sync chain. Let’s call this PC device A. Then go to device B, your another PC which will be our target device. In it on sync settings, say I already have sync code. Then it will ask for 24 words. Input them and then both devices will be synced. In the device list, it will list two devices instead of one.

So my photo shows two devices, the one currently I am on as this device. Go to your another PC and follow above steps.

Screenshot from 2021-12-16 16-28-27 2

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