Sync order question

I have 2 computers both have brave… work and home… the Home favs are the ones I want to sync to the work computer… so which computer should I start the sync from? when you start the sync it provides the code… but it doesn’t tell you which computer it is going to make master?

There is no “master” on sync chain. Make a change on one browser and it syncs between both. Generally newer one is what adapts to older. So if don’t have sync chain and are creating one, should go by one you created chain on since the one creating the sync chain is the oldest device on there. Overall though it will just be sharing data between the two. You don’t really have anything removed.

Not sure if it will sync Favorites. I know it won’t sync cross platform. Also know Favorites/Top Sites isn’t listed on options for things to sync on Sync list. It might still work, but just want you to also be prepared if it doesn’t.

I do know in yesterday’s Community Call, the Mobile Product Manager mentioned how they were going to be building it out so Top Sites/Favorites (different term, same thing, but for different devices) could be synced with each other.

I know testing between Release and Nightly it appears to sync, but I’ve seen similar on other settings. When on same device, it has a bit more access. So not sure if it will do the same thing across multiple devices. Do let me know results if you do sync the different devices, if it ends up syncing the Favorites.


So far as I’m aware, Brave’s implementation of Sync doesn’t establish a source and target(s). For me, this was / is a deal-breaker. I want to be able to designate one instance of Brave as the source and other instance(s) as target(s).

The Microsoft / Windows utility SyncToy offers precisely this option: designating one instance of what’s to be synchronized as ‘source’ and another instance as ‘target’. (Microsoft’s SyncToy doesn’t work across operating systems.) Microsoft no longer offers SyncToy. Here are 2 links to suggestions for alternate sources for SyncToy:


Historically, under Windows, using SyncToy I copied Brave’s ‘User Data’ files on my desktop to a (very old) netbook and to a laptop. One consequence: some Brave preferences on the targets reverted to their default and I had to re-set them. For me, this was preferable to random predictable duplication of bookmarks resulting from Brave’s implementation of Sync.

When setting up my computers to dual-boot Windows and Linux, I used Brave’s ‘Sync’ to transfer bookmarks from an existing instance of Brave (under Windows) to new instances of Brave under Linux. (As already noted, Microsoft’s SyncToy unfortunately doesn’t work across platforms.) And yes, using Brave’s Sync did produce a few new-but-duplicate bookmarks on the Windows instance of Brave.

In addition to SyncToy, reportedly (in older Brave Community comments on this topic) the 3rd party extension FVD Synchronizer

also does the job and reportedly it is cross-platform.

@Mattches When you get a chance, could you help bring clarity to this?

@Saoiray you are correct in the behavior here. I cannot speak to the 3rd party applications that @redbike9 is referencing but as for OPs question, simply add both devices to the Sync chain and the selected data types (if available) will Sync — meaning that both devices will have the same data.

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