Downloads area changed


since a few days ago the area where the downloads are in the browser changed without me having done anything.
The problem, other than that it changed without me having done anything, is that there is no obvious way to change it back. So now, I am stuck with this hardly visible downoad area which automatically closes when it’s put out of focus.

How do I get back the regular overview of downloaded things, the bar that appears in the bottom of the browser window?

@Gandeloft here is a solution another user shared

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Thank you, this fixed it.

@anon57438784 I didn’t know Brave got updated. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are changes I didn’t do.

I used the search function and I didn’t find a post that touched on what I came here to look for.

You didn’t understand the point. The point is that that is bad and as I’ve tried to say, needing to click the button for that is the problem.

Hormones pumping you up a bit, eh?
Don’t do what you will afterwards complain about having done.

One possible explanation you failed to grasp for why I didn’t find anything useful yesterday before I opened up this thread is that the searches on many things are no longer just simple searches, and that might(seems to?) be the case here. The results can be provided based on for example the time of the creation of what the result could be in combination with relevancy measured as the number of people who view it divided by the time that elapsed since the post. Who knows.