Where are saved passwords stored?

I moved my Brave profile from one machine to a second machine. Everything seems to have come across (bookmarks, preferences etc.) except for my saved credentials. Even a couple of sites which I had marked to Never Save passwords are listed on the new machine. Are the credentials not in the Brave-Browser directory and its sub-directories?



Im not sure where they are stored however, Just a suggestion. Would you use a completely secure password manager? BitWarden is a great password manager, its totally free and stores all passwords on their encrypted servers and they are available online off their site and are cross platform compatible with any device for easy access through their browser extension with which you can use a master password even to open the extension.

Thanks imanalien2020,

I did some further searching and experimenting. I found a reddit thread which talked about moving passwords. If I export the passwords on the original machine (which creates an unencrypted .csv file - not cool) and then import them into brave on the new machine that works. Except that the import process “deletes” the .csv file. I would rather wipe it securely.

This makes me think that Brave is using something related to the machine it is installed on to salt the encryption of the passwords. This might be good from a security standpoint but it raises issues re. backup. Do I need to routinely dump passwords to a plain text file as part of my backup process? Not cool.

Thanks also for the tip about the password manager. I do need to select one some day.


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