Sync among physically separated computers

I have two computers, physically separated, that I would like to sync. I create a sync chain on one computer and keep the sync chain (or email it to me). It always takes me a day or two to get to the other computer, and when I use the sync chain I get a message that it has expired. I assume I am doing something wrong, as everything else about Brave is so slick. What is the solution to this problem? How do I sync these two computers?

The 25th word of the sync chain changes daily, you can get the daily one from here

What I don’t understand is why do you keep adding your code? you should just join once and never use your code ever again unless you get a new device.
Unless you are leaving the chain to be able to delete data in that computer afterwards, so nobody can have access to it, I don’t understand the reasoning of that.

But anyway, you can just search brave sync 25th word and you should get the same page I gave to you so you can change the 25th word and be able to use your sync chain again.

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Thanks. The Brave 25th word is what I needed. Regarding your question, I’m not adding to the code; I’m just trying to sync two computers in different locations for the first time, and there was always a day difference between the times that I was able to physically go from one to the other, so the sync code would expire in the meantime.

Oh I see what you mean, yeah, no way to fix it properly since they added that daily 25th word. It still doesn’t make much sense today, since it would only protect people that have posted their Sync codes online, but then, people who sees the code online would either, don’t know it is from Brave or don’t know how sync works so they wouldn’t try to get access to the information, or they would know how to find the 25th word, so the 25th word is just useless and it only affects new users like you.
So let’s hope they change it to a better system eventually.

Well, good luck!

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The 25th word, really the whole syncing security system, is a bit bizarre. What’s wrong with a password or pass phrase you can choose yourself? What were they thinking? :thinking:

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