Desktop Sync Feature Doesn't Work.../Software Error

Brave version 1.22.71

When attempting to sync between two computers, when you copy the “24” words from the first computer and transpose them to the target desktop, the number of random words does add up to 24 words; but the word counter incorrectly communicates I’ve input only 22 words. It says, “invalid sync code, please check and try again.” I’ve refreshed the page and tried this process a few times with always the same result Therefore, the sync feature remains disabled because of this error. I have no use for a browser that won’t allow me to sync it between devices.

Silly question. Did you tried typing the words manually?

Duh? Of course! Did you notice I didn’t use the term “copy and paste”.

He was asking a perfectly reasonable question.
Have you tried leaving the Sync chain and starting a fresh one with a fresh code? Also, are these two Windows devices you’re syncing between?

I have tried leaving the sync chain and starting a fresh one with a new code; yes, these are two Windows devices.

Can you please try copy/pasting the code given into a text editor or an online word counter and see if it correctly reports 24 words there?

Online word counter total=24 words

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