Brave Toolbar Appearance/Content

New User - Successfully Imported Bookmarks for Safari
The extensive collection appears as Folders across the Toolbar and then as a vertical list if I click on the >> at the right side.
One of the Folders contains all my favourite sites.
Is there a way to display these favourite individual bookmarks in the Toolbar rather than all of the Folders? (I do this in Safari)

**Brave Version: 1.16.68

Hello @DocJMB

not sure if i got you or not

but go to brave://bookmarks/ and move them to the bookmarks folder so it will be displayed on the toolbar

hope that help and have a nice day

Sorry, did not describe my problem properly.
Wish to display individual bookmarks (eg in the toolbar rather than the Folders containing multiple bookmarks (Business, Financial etc)
Can this be done?

after you go to brave://bookmarks/

on the left side there folder called bookmarks move all your favorite/bookmarks there

think of the folder bookmarks as the root of the bookmarks

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