Brave deleted my bookmarks to show me bookmark folders

I wanted my bookmarks on every window I had opened in Brave.
Before I only had bookmarks on the opening page.
So in settings somewhere (I had to find a link online to get in settings??)
I enabled show bookmarks.
Well I now have bookmarks on every open window except it deleted everything on the bookmark bar.
I had several links there set up in the order I use them.
I tried undoing the setting but it never put my links back where they belong.
This is a major fail.
Wonderful browser but some of those bookmarks took me months to find and your browser lost them.

It shouldn’t have deleted anything, so it’s kind of confusing that you’re having this issue. Can you go to your Bookmarks Manager and see if maybe you created a new folder that they are in? brave://bookmarks/

I’m guessing maybe they still exist but just not in your primary Bookmarks folder, so moving them up will resolve. I just wanted to clarify this with you, at least to rule out the possibility.

After I cooled off and looked around I discovered it had moved all of the files farther back in the bookmark directory in a random pattern.
It must place a higher value on folders then single links.

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