Where are my bookmarks?

I am new to the Brave browser and cannot find where my bookmarks are placed. I am using Windows 11 on a Surface Pro.

@wdrs ,

How do I export bookmarks from Brave as an HTML file?

  1. Launch Brave and open the Main menu: newmenuicon.png
  2. Select Bookmarks --> Bookmarks Manager
  3. Open the More options menu (3-dot kabob menu) at the top right
  4. Select “Export bookmarks” and choose where you want to store the exported file.

Be sure to copy that “bookmarks.html” file to some external drive.

Thus, you found the Bookmarks Manager, and learned how to back up your Bookmarks.


Click on the top right corner ie the three verticals lines, then ‘Bookmarks’ and finally ‘Show bookmarks’.

Thank you very much. It shows the bookmark bar, but it is all the rest I want to find. Anyway I have found a small icon in the bottom right of an empty page that looks like an old fashioned small disk that shows them. I would prefer it to see that on all pages, even those I am visiting, but it is better than nothing.
Thank you for your response

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