When will it be possible to RESET Brave Rewards

I’ve now been stuck for months without the possibility to use Brave Rewards because I can’t reset the wallet.

I’ve had a look at:

and it appears that a fix has been released some 2 weeks ago. So, my question is when will the fix be reflected in a Brave update?

because I get it when the balance corresponds to me leaves a message insufficient balance.

Thank you

@Olivier as long as the issue sill “Open”, then it still in the works. Once it’s become “Closed”, then you can see the milestone on the right side of the issue. It’ll give you ETA.

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No progress has been made since April 10th.
This is really bad! :frowning:

What OS and version of Brave are you using?

Hi Alex,
I currently use Brave on the following devices:

  • Brave Dev Version 0.66.61 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) on my macbook running macOS mojave 10.14.4
  • Brave 1.0.92, Chromium 73.0.3683.90 on my Samsung SM-T580 Build/M1AJQ running Android 8.1.0
    Since I updated from Brave to Brave Dev on my macbook about a year ago, I have been unable to use Brave Rewards. I thought that installing Brave on my Android tablet would allow me to use the same new wallet on both browsers by using the sync feature, but this hasn’t worked out.
    I’m finding the pace of progress concerning Brave Rewards extremely slow and discouraging and would like to understand why this is the case so that I can be more patient!
    Thanks for offering to help.

Thanks for getting back with the device details Olivier!

Sync wallets is something which is on our roadmap, but we’ve never said that’s a possibility today. At current you can see we even have a bit of trouble with bookmarks :wink:

The reason why Sync is quite so complex is because we go above and beyond to protect privacy. The materials in the sync storage are blinded to us so it makes some aspects of building and debugging particularly difficult.

Sync as a feature has a mix of specialists who split their time between that and their core platform (Desktop, Android, iOS) so they often juggle priorities. Similarly the Rewards team has a split in obligations as well for per-platform integrations.

As you can see on our about page : https://brave.com/about we’re a bit shy of 100 people. Compare versus other browser orgs and we’re unbelievably productive for the size.

There is literally no other project which has gone from ICO to product in less than 6 months (we did) and we’re now at 6 million users and counting.

Hopefully this can help put a better frame on progress. :slight_smile:

To circle back on Brave Rewards and your Macbook. I run Mojave as well and have every build we make for MacOS. I have noticed a handful of people who upgraded from the old Muon browser having some difficulty.

I would suggest thoroughly cleaning out the Brave materials after you have done a proper backup of the data you care about. I’m glad to assist with that! :smiley:

If you have bookmarks you care about, I would first suggest going to the bookmark manager and exporting those to a file. Please be sure to keep that file in an easy-to-find spot as you’ll need it.

If you have bookmark sync enabled, you could skip that step as long as you have your sync code handy.

If you have any BAT in your browser wallet, click on the gear for your wallet found at brave://rewards/

then follow the backup instructions.

Afterwards, download the latest version of Brave (I would suggest the production version) from brave.com (don’t install it yet)

Next, and this is a bit tricky, you will need to delete the folder located at ~/Library/Application\ Support/BraveSoftware/

Lastly, install the latest version of Brave you just downloaded and import your bookmarks or sync code as well as your wallet info.

From there, you are clear to use Rewards once you enable it.

I realize this is a bit verbose, but I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks @alex.

I successfully moved from the dev version to the standard version after removing any traces of Brave in ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware.

Only glitch, I’d say, was that I lost all my passwords in Brave and had to re-install all my 20+ extensions. This really ought to be easier! That’s why I opened a feature request hoping it’ll be added to the development agenda:

But, at least, I have a working wallet for BATs now!

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