Brave Rewards not syncing using Braves 'Sync' Function

Hello, I am having an issue with syncing my brave wallet to my mobile. I plan on resetting my PC soon, however I currently have brave rewards in my browser and would like to get that saved onto another device first. I have synced my phone up and my desktop Brave up with a Sync Chain, however the rewards on my Desktop Brave are seemingly not linked to my Mobile Rewards. Help!

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was having the same problem. I have lost my previous BAT rewards as well , yes it was not big amount but was some sum. So, how can i secure my Brave Rewards before reseting the brave browser??

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I’ve figured it out! It saves all of your data in your Brave user folder. You can find this at C:/user/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/User Data/Default
(yes, long directory). Just copy the ‘Default’ folder and save it somewhere, like a USB for instance, or cloud storage. And then replace the ‘Default’ folder on the new Brave Browser install, with this all of your data, Searches, Bookmarks, etc etc will come back. Including your brave rewards and pending rewards


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