Import/Export list of passwords and extensions

I recently moved from the Brave Developer version to the standard version and lost all my passwords and extensions.

I think it would be very useful if we could easily import/export our passwords and extensions for easy migration of settings between Brave or even Chromium based browsers.

No way to do this with extensions yet – however, there is a way to import passwords into Brave:

  1. Export the passwords (from Dev) you’re concnered with by going to Settings --> Passwords --> Export passwords... and save these somewhere easy to find.
  2. Launch Release build and type brave://flags into the address bar
  3. Search for a flag labeled `#PasswordImport – enable this flag
  4. Relaunch the browser when prompted.
  5. Return to Settings --> Passwords and you should now have an Import option available to you where it was previously only Export:
  6. Select the new Import option and choose the exported PW .csv file from step 1.

Thanks @Mattches. Just the answer I was looking for!

I hadn’t even noticed the 3 dots that hide the Export functionality! That would have saved me some time!

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You’re very welcome!