When will get payment of brave ads reward?

Today 8 may. Still now i/we not get payment. When’ll be the processing end and we get payment?

I think the default value is:

before they close this topic.

Any issues that doesn’t solve will henceforth be unnoticed.

I do have a question though @steeven … is this delay due to the ETH 30 tx / sec. ? That’s still roughly 2.5 million per day. Good for Brave to have that many users, I do like/enjoy the browser. Ok, so 2 questions, are you moving to ETH 2.0 for 100k per sec. or maybe transfer the whole system to XRP :wink: ?

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30 BATs in my estimated mobile brave I received only 1.25 BAT a day before yesterday nothing else, They are now saying all payments are done

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