BAT payout issue

(I have already reached out to Brave Support about this issue but I stopped getting replies after the automatic responses)

I have read through the checklist above, and it seems that none of those reasons apply.
I’m currently using brave on macOS Big Sur Version 11.1
I have been using brave for 1-2 years now, but this is my first time actually collecting my BAT.
I have not created a verified uphold account for my BAT

Long story short, I have been using Brave for 1-2 years now and over that time I have accumulated 116 BAT. This is my first time attempting to receive my BAT since I got brave. Today, I did get my payout, but it was only for the month of March, meaning I only received around 3.25 BAT. I still have 113.085 BAT in my “Estimated pending rewards” which was accumulated in past months that never transferred to my wallet. Now that I realized that I wont be receiving that BAT on payment day, is it possible for you or any moderators to transfer that BAT into my wallet manually? I have attached screenshots of the before and after of April 5th’s BAT payout

Rishit Srinivas


Hi, @rishit.srinivas, I understand it’s frustrating to not get a reply, but you must try to understand that there are others being assisted, too. The payout process only ended two days ago. It would be wonderful to have the matter cleared in a day or two, I agree, but it’s just not practical to expect this.

If you sent this information to steeven, he will look over it and if he needs more, he’ll let you know. There’s nothing wrong with checking on the progress of your issue with him, but maybe just not every day? You should also do it using the same DM you sent all your information to him - sending multiple DMs slows the support process for all of us. If you need to send him additional information, you can do it this way, too.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait long :crossed_fingers:

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@saereV I have the same problem as this guy and in stead of making a new topic i vores hoping you could help med solve my similar problem as well :slight_smile: i made a support request at uphold and they transfered me to you guys. this was my topic at uphold

Hi, @MathiesJeppesen, that link doesn’t (and I don’t think, won’t) work, unfortunately. The best suggestion I can give you is the same for OP, right now. I really don’t know what the issues are with the payouts and processing, I’m sorry :frowning:

If you submitted a DM to Support, you just have to try to be patient - I know. Make sure you included all the information asked for, and any information you think is important you can add in using the same DM.

I am sorry I can’t offer more, but any information I come across that could be relevant or helpful, I will share it when I can. :slight_smile:

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