Decided not to use Brave Wallet. How do I make sure BAT continues to go to Gemini?

I just set up the new Brave Wallet, but now I realize it’s basically useless. I’d like my BAT continue to go to Gemini instead. How do I make sure that it continues to be transferred to my Gemini account. In brave://settings/wallet do I choose “Brave Wallet” or “Crypto Wallets (deprecated)” ?

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There is no link between the new Wallet and your Rewards BAT/Gemini, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Cool, thanks. That’s what I’m starting to realize from reading over at /r/brave_browser. Sounds like the wallet is rather useless.

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Damn! that’s some heartbreaking news… and I was hoping that the BAT would be finally having a safe place where they would most definitely arrive and be able to be withdrawn or deposited for good

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