When Publishers do totally nothing wrong, payout date is changing to next month! THE BIG ERROR!

Same problem with many publishers…

-Confirmed all accounts in April including Uphold.
-Next deposit date was 8th of June. But as you know it hasn’t deposited except publishers with small amount of BAT.
-11th of June, next deposit date has changed into 8th of July.
-Sent explanation what methods I have used to promote Brave to support, no reply and no hope that it will be fixed.

I have just worked so hardly in last 2 months by promoting Brave like other publishers to let it introduce for more people, nothing more than real clear hard work. I am losing my enthusiasm massively on Brave and its team.

To Brave team, Please fix this error and deposit soon for many publishers who is losing their planned jobs and time, who is innocent but losing many opportunities because of they believe in you, not because of their fault but your bad system.


Same problem bro, they doesn’t care about us :frowning:


Same here also.

And not so much as a titter as to whats going on really.

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Hi @Mungunbayar,

I’m sorry for your trouble and we appreciate your patience.

Have you reached out directly to support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org? If so, what is your Zendesk request number?

Generally we don’t handle payout inquiries here on Community.

Thank you.

Same problem here …

Yes, and made a call appointment

So am i supposed to email that support link because i did and i still have got no reply.

Or am i supposed to make a “post” about it here

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Thank you for posting this information @Mungunbayar.

You and every other publisher who shares their experiences with the rest of us helps us to make the right decisions.

I have been holding back from becoming a publisher because of all the issues I have read about here in the Brave Community.

This kind behavior of Brave Team/Support will be their downfall, it seems they keep garnering publishers but keep banning left & right as they wish

pretty disapponting, I’m just waiting BAT ATH and gladly drop my 6digit BAT holdings, I can’t bear this project anymore.


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