Will Brave paye me ?!


sorry for the title but is now three moth that brave promised us that the problems of payement will be resolved but every month the same problem (no payement) in june we have seen taht the payement is sheduled for 8 june after 2 days the date changed to 6 june 2018 (photo joined) , now is 7 june and never received 1 BAT
I worked with many company in the net and never had a problem like this
sorry but i am angry and we need clarification , I will receive my money or not?


Personally, mine is still not yet sent too. But I saw that others already get theirs.
cc @Asad for answer.


No need to apologize for anything @tajernabil. The date changing back to the 6th was a mistake. You should get your money on or before the 8th (A bunch of publishers have already gotten paid out, yours should be soon to come!) If not, please contact me. I have personally escalated your case along with a couple others.

There isn’t a ton I can do on the technical side (I’m not an engineer), but I promise that I’m going to make sure you get all of your BAT. If you can bear with us for just a couple more days it would be greatly appreciated!

Please remember that Brave Payments is a free software still very much in alpha and that internally we are currently undergoing a massive few months of change and growth. Because of this, much of our backend, especially for Payments, has been hit with a ton of issues.

In the meantime, it’s also possible that your payout has already been processed but you are looking at a cached version of the page. Make sure you log out and log back in again as well as clear your browser’s cache.


Its 9th june and no news about payement, its frustrating and patiente have a limit , we need to take this problem serious
@Asad i am waiting for ur help


I suffer from the same problem as many, anxious waiting for our payments and nothing that comes to us.


You too got network problems When You want to get your Coin balance?

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