Deposite date changed to july but I didnt get the reward of june yet!

My brave reward BATs still not transferred to my uphold account…
I have verified my uphold account but the money is still not transferred to uphold …
June rewards are not yet transferred and the deposite date is shifted to july!
Please look into this and help asap…
Thanks :heart:


Same problem here. I opened a topic about this and I’m waiting an answer too.


@DivTheDevil There are tons of similar threads. Please do not open the same one yet again. It is not helping to Brave team and to you too. It is clear that there is a payout problem, and we need to wait for the team’s announcement of what is going on. Thank you for the patience.


Okay… Hoping for a solution soon :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Peace :heartbeat::heartbeat:


I present the same problem, for when are we going to have an error response?


same problem, i haven’t received my june payment yet?

Hi to all here.

A member of Brave answered me about this kind of problem.

I share my topic where he explained a potential source of the issue.


Hello team.

I got my first payout on 9may of 42.75 bats. So this time I was waiting to get payout of June so I was waiting I didn’t got the payout that’s ok for me Telegram Admin said that our 2 memeber are on off since 1 June will take some extra time to send all payout.

Then I login in brave Rewards i saw there next payout will be on 8th july i also agreed on that things. Ok no issues I can wait for next month also.

And today I login in my account I was just speechless my account is suspended wow . Really amazing.

I know the guidelines of brave and I never tipped myself.


Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions