Next deposit July 8th!

What is that ? I didn’t get this month yet and where is this month’s payment ?

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Hey @sukrucildirr , there are tons of similar threads. Please do not open the same one yet again. It is not helping to Brave team and to you too. It is clear that there is a payout problem, and we need to wait for the team’s announcement of what is going on. It is very unlikely that they wound not pay the rewards. Thank you for the patience.

I hope so that they will fix that. I am using during 1 month and didn’t get reward for monthly

I have 294.5 bat that I won last month, I was not paid this month and the payment date changed to July

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And no information about that

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What can be done to pay this month and not leave us for the other?

Just adding my Cents here.

First it said June 8th and now its saying July the 10th and welp nothing hence i am in the forums looking for help.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved for “Publishers”

funny thing no one from the technic
al support says nothing to the users.

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