Problem with Payment Date


Problem with Payment Date

Good afternoon Friends of the Community of Brave, this time I communicate with you because I have now joined their Brave program, and I have a problem with a payment scheduled for the date of September 8, today I have reviewed my account and I have observed that the date has changed for October 8th and the programmed payment was not made, I have been contributing to the community for a while and its operation is very interesting and very important for our community of publishers. .

I hope you can help me and clarify if I should do something to solve this problem.

I remain attentive to your response and thankful for always being so attentive to me.

Greetings, Friends.


Good afternoon friends. Again I ask about the dates of payment, because on September 8 corresponded a payment but was changed to October 8, I would like to know if I should do something friends or collaborate on something?

Greetings to the entire brave community. Thank you very much for your immense Attention


Hi @Emmanuelr

Apologies for late response. All that I can say is the payout date is happens on 8th of every month. If that’s not sent out, then maybe something happens. cc @Asad for help on this.


Hi @Emmanuelr,

Please zip an email to with the email address you use to login to Brave Payments. I can help you from there :slight_smile:


Hello Friend @Asad As you are, thousands of greetings to you and the entire community. I write to you because I have received a block in my account in a strange way, I do not understand the reason for this block and I would like you to be able to give me your valuable help. I sent a couple of emails but I have not received an answer. I will be attentive here for any information or query. Many thanks friends. God bless you @eljuno


Hi Emmanuel,

I sent an email your way, please check your spam folder(s).


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