Pending payouts is still the same


The 8th has come and gone and the next payout date has changes to February, however nothing has changed with regards to the pending payouts total and nothing got transferred. Is there a delay and I am just being inpatient or have I setup something wrong.

Many thanks


The same thing is happening with me too! I have balance, since Christmas 2018, and Jan 8th, has passed, and no deposit has happened and now the date next deposit date has moved to Feb 8… whats happending?


Same for me. Also had balance since december and nothing happened on Jan 8th. Now the next deposit date has moved to Feb 8. Can we get an update on this?


Yes, this is very frustrating, please can we have an answer, thanks


I reached out on TG and an admin told me to check whether my uphold account was verified. It was actually asking me to re-submit ID photo as too dark. I am now trying to re-verify. Hopefully this is the reason.


I see. My account on uphold is verrified, but still no deposit to be found. Is there someone from the brave team who can explain?


got both your problem. Didn’t get my confirmed referrals rewards and when I surf on my publisher youtube account it says user still not verified


Me too any help @Asad thanks


I have also the same problem.
Does anyone have got bat this month?


Hello everybody! I also did not receive a reward, I waited a month! January 8, there were no charges! UPHOLD checked and verified! What’s the matter? Scam?


The same thing is happening with me too


Scam no mate, i received from BRAVE many time this years ,there is a delayed time in payement yes but Scam no ,just patience


Same thing here. Was waiting for this payout for a while but still in my brave account.


I emailed support earlier and got this back “We’re working on a solution to help those who missed payouts this month – more information for you soon”.


Thanks, friend, reassured me. Let’s wait .


Did anybody get BAT in uphold account?
My uphold acount is veriflied but also not get payment for December.


@Asad please answer us :face_with_thermometer:


Hi everyone! Sorry for these delays!

First of all, everyone needs to make sure that they have FULLY completed Uphold verification. Please do so as soon as possible. We’re going to send out another batch of payments next week in order to get to everyone we missed this first round.

There were also a small portion of users (who were verified) who did not get paid out due to a ledger problem. They will also be paid out next week.


Hi everyone,

does anyone here got paid after @Asad Reply???


I have not been paid yet also.