When is Brave going to Remove all GOOGLE references and links?

I have been using Brave for a while now and other applications I use recognize BRAVE as a CHROME BROWSER even on my phone. There are still links to GOOGLE and the configuration and I would like to know when all of that will be removed and point only to BRAVE links. I am still worried is this really a safe browser to use?

How often are you going to have new builds. It seems I have been on an older build for a long time and I do not get notified to upgrade.

Thanks in Advance

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That’s because Brave is using Chrome user-agent on desktop and Android and Firefox user-agent for iOS.

Which links and configuration?

On desktop, it’s around ~3 weeks cycle. https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Brave-Release-Schedule

Latest stable release is 0.61.51. And your Brave should automatically update to the latest version in the background. If not, you can always check manually via Menu > About Brave.

I know you are using Chrome User-agent, but can you change or modify the code not reference Chrome as the browser, but Brave is the browser? How do you know if Google has a backdoor to their Chrome framework you are using for Brave?


:point_up: We know this because we gut all chromium source code of anything that sends signals out to google or any 3rd party, via backdoor or any other means. In addition, we are open source and our code is available for anyone to see, review or audit. If there was something as glaring as a “backdoor” being used – we’d know about it.

It is absolutely safe to use and we are always working to improve. The UA string stays for now, any other (aesthetic) references are getting systematically removed.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. You may also be interested in this post here:


other applications I use recognize BRAVE as a CHROME BROWSER even on my phone.

This is only the user-agent string. It is just a piece of text that Brave sends to indicate what browser it is, it doesn’t secretly contain your credit card information.

Having Brave use Chrome’s user-agent string is probably a good idea. For one thing, it will make it less likely that websites or ISPs will “accidentally” block traffic from Brave browser.

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