Brave's link to Google

After installing Brave on my Windows computer, I noticed several things related to Google services that imply possible privacy risks.
I saw some threads created by the Brave developers, as well as this GitHub page where the team describes what Google features are removed or manipulated from the browser, but I’m not able to find the things I came across.

So, what did I find?

  1. When installing the browser on my computer, “Google Update Helper” is being installed as well. This is probably meant to update Brave’s browser, but how can I be sure Google is not actually penetrating into my system? Can I safely uninstall this?

  2. When browsing to a page that isn’t in my language, Brave recommends me to install the Google Translate add-on. Why, just why?
    The whole point of the GitHub article mentioned above was to defend the browser that it does not have connections with Google…

  3. Brave is offering me to use Google push notifications in my browser. I turned this off, but I do get push notifications.
    Are these push notifications safe / from Brave, or is Google still involved?
    Also, why does this option exist anyway?

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