I am concerned. Will Brave stop functioning normally or lose some vital functions?

I just read that Google will cut off Chrome Sync access to third-party Chromium browsers starting on March 15th.
Also, I just started using Brave. And I will hate having to eliminate it because of this situation.
Is it true?


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I do not believe this will affect Brave in any major capacity.


You can just manually import your data from chrome.

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That sounds relieving. I am new on this and don´t totally understand the implications of these news. So, Brave will continue functioning normally, right?

Oh. So that is the only thing that it affects. Well, Thanks for the answer!

All it will do is things will not sync with chrome. Just import things manually and it will have no impact.

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We don’t “sync with Chrome” as it is now. And if there are any known changes expected from this we will would inform everyone ahead of time.