If there a Brave and Google Chrome Association?

I am not a computer genius or savvy or anything at all, I most of the time just fumble my way around and I just need some help here! I am trying to get away from the prying eyes of Google. I thought I had finally found the best Browser in Brave. I had changed any setting that had anything to do with allowing Google to do anything, then I went to get extensions and lo-and-behold you get them from the Chrome Store???What???Not doing that. Then I went to Sync to one of my devices and I get a message pop up it says
chrome://setting says
Warning: this will share your Brave data blah blah blah. What??? Where is Chrome in all this?
I did save this little message. If there is an association somewhere? I am thinking Brave is one of the good guys! Why is Google still in my stuff in the Brave browser I just downloaded yesterday!
I am using Windows 10 64bit operating system.
I do hope I got all the steps right.

I would appreciate your help!

Great questions.

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