Are brave ads working in india (feb 2020)

i have installed the browser today and i have been browsing for a long time and i haven’t found anything adding up to in my bat account i have enabled all the stuff for ads and also created an uphold account but still couldn’t see anything is this problem with India or just the wrong installation ???

Ads are available at India @Nik15 . See here for more info: . The reasons that you don’t see ads may be to many. For example, Brave need time to “understand” what kind of ads send to your computer. Or maybe if you are not turned ON brave rewards and receive ads. Or other ones. If you can be more specific someone from admins can help more to you.

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bro as i have said earlier i have enabled all the things which are required for viewing ads i even opted for 5 ads per hour too but still i couldn’t see anything that’s my problem , i hope you get it !!!1

@Nik15 Can you check the catalog file, If catalog is full then you should be able to see ads. In the URL bar type and then enter

Also, please let us know what is the language set in your OS. Please provide brave version and platform details.


No bro I don’t get it. Fort example I don’t get

Where is said this in your first message?

Then sorry for my answer. I get that I bothered you.

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