I have doubts about brave rewards

I am a new user from india
Plz answer my following questions

1.is there any restrictions in brave rewards on my country?

2.no ads notifications if i am watching videos.why?

3.when i install brave browser i got ads every 12 minutes (5 ads per hour).i made 8 bats in 4 days.but after the update slightly reduced ads notification.now i have only 16 bats in 11 days.why?


4.how much bat i can earn monthly? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  1. I don’t know what your country is, but if it’s on the list here then likely not.
  2. Because most people don’t want random alerts showing up in the middle of their content.
  3. You didn’t get an ad every 12 minutes. It may have seemed that way, but it wasn’t. There is no set schedule in which Ads are served. More information here.
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@Mattches thanks for the quick reply

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No problem, thank you for your support :+1:

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