Ads are Not showing In India

I am not received ads for last 20 days help me


no ads since 2 week both on pc and mobile

@teja @sudheer

Restart your mobile and toggle off and on the brave ads options in brave://rewards

You might get them…

But due to this you may unconnected with uphold.

Disconnecting with uphold may impact on crediting BAT for the month of Aug.

So better try to restart your machines and clear the cache of the browsers.

already tried no use

tryed all the method possible but no use

Brave is the saviour for you guys then :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Everyone are very furious about the same.

Currently I’m getting ads for free. They are not offering any bat for watching them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yes that happened today too got 2 ads n it the didn’t count… I’m getting tired of it already, just wait for this months grant

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