Importing from Brave legacy wallet - stuck with legacy forever?

So I’ve got a 24-word seed phrase from the legacy wallet. If I import without selecting the legacy wallet, I end up with the same accounts I do in metamask, xdefi and other wallets.

So I guess my question in is why are the other wallets, including the new Brave Wallet, handling the old seed phrase different? Is there anyway to convert it to a new format? Even if I do backup it says I’ll see 12 works, but I see the original 24.

Does this mean this legacy restore option will be available forever more?

@SaltyBanana any solution to this one?

Unfortunately there is no way to convert a legacy seed phrase. So we will continue to support it. You would have to send your funds to a non legacy address and then stop using the legacy one to get off of a legacy seed phrase.


Yeah, not so easy with the gas fees right now :sweat_smile: but this was expected. Thank you for confirming.

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