Non-tor version?

I can’t use Brave on my corporate laptop. It conveniently deletes itself when I try and open it after I install it. I worked for a large SF based company previously and the fact that there was a TOR feature caused a huge stink with security, but we all “pinky-promised” not to use it and they turned a blind eye to it. Unfortunately my current employer is not so trusting. I imagine this is a problem at many companies.

Are there any plans for a release that does not include TOR functionality? Super sad I can’t use Brave anymore.

If your company does not allow it, then you should not install it.
First step is to speak with your company. You cannot have any SW in a corporate device that is not supported by them. With or without TOR, you can only install SW if they have approved it.


Someone, in another post a few months ago, suggested to use a portable version.

What does that mean? Can a portable version be installed on a macbook somehow?