Brave 4 Business?

Hello Brave-Community,

sad that i have to leave this great browser again but my company forced me to uninstall Brave due to security concerns which I totally understand.
I wish Brave would bring up a company friendly version of Brave. e.g. Brave 4 Business.
Yes i know it will loose some great features but overall the loss wouldn’t matter for business browser.

Brave would have to remove stuff like Tor and IFPS totally from the browser to make Brave more friendly for bigger company’s as their security teams will always scan for these vulnerabilities.

Now i am back to Firefox, which is a pretty sad moment, but it’s still the only valid option atm.

This is hopefully not a goodbye but rather a see you soon again.

We already provide the ability for enterprises to turn off Tor using a Windows group policy, or to block the domain where the Tor daemon is downloaded. With either of these measures in place, Tor functionality in Brave will be disabled.

It might be worth pointing that out to your company so that they don’t have to ban the use of Brave entirely.

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Already pointed it out and attached the reg Key for it.
They don’t care. Brave = BAD BAD BAD. Policy says it’s prohibited software and they stick with that. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that. It can indeed be very hard to get people to see past their initial opinions, even when they’re based on incomplete/incorrect information.

That’s why i think a Brave4Business might help to get adopted a bit better.
AS i don’t want to live in 2 ecosystems i switched back to Firefox :frowning:

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